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APB Speaker Daymond John on Working from Home During Coronavirus

18 Mar 2020

APB Speaker Daymond John on Working from Home During Coronavirus  

Shark Tank star and speaker Daymond John knows that COVID-19 has caused a difficult time for many, but he advises all employees who are temporarily working from home to make the most of a bad situation and treat the time saved on commuting as an opportunity to invest in yourself.  John advises an entrepreneurial mindset, advocating utilizing the time saved when you might normally be on the train or sitting in traffic to be put towards learning a new skill or talent to build your own utility and value. This progress-oriented mindset can alleviate stress by providing an outlet; asays John: “make sure you keep investing in yourself because true entrepreneurs always know that change is going to happen.”    

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Daymond John knows what he is talking about when it comes to the entrepreneurial mindset—he is, after all, the founder and CEO of the groundbreaking lifestyle brand FUBU, one of the stars of Shark Tank, a renowned branding expert, the Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship and a New York Times best-selling author. A sought-after speaker on all things entrepreneurial and motivational, John's advice to many suddenly working from home serves as a helpful reminder to make the most of every situation, no matter what.    

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