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Patient Safety Awareness Week - These Experts Weigh in on How to Make Care Safer for All

13 Mar 2022

Patient Safety Awareness Week - These Experts Weigh in on How to Make Care Safer for All

Patient Safety Awareness Week, observed every March, encourages all of us to learn more about healthcare safety. These speakers below inspire action to improve the safety of the healthcare system—for both the patients and the workforce. Join APB in celebrating patient safety and the ongoing efforts to continuously improve the quality and safety of the patient care experience.

Dr. Jerome Adams
20th U.S. Surgeon General, Distinguished Professor, Presidential Fellow & Executive Director of Health Equity Initiatives at Purdue

After growing up poor in a Southern rural community, Adams went on to lead the 6,000 person U.S. Public Health Service as “America’s Doctor” during a worldwide pandemic.

Dr. Regina Benjamin
18th U.S. Surgeon General, Healthcare Disparity Expert & Medicine Advocate

A leader in fighting health disparities and developing innovative community-based health strategies and systems for low-income communities, Benjamin helps improve the health of the nation.

Dr. Richard Carmona
17th U.S. Surgeon General, Distinguished Professor & Chief of Health Innovations, Canyon Ranch

With an extensive leadership background in many disciplines, Carmona is known for his high energy, contagious passion, and unwavering belief in the principle of selfless service.

Regina Holliday
Patient Rights Activist, Artist, Author, Speaker & Founder of the Walking Gallery

After losing her husband to a 17-year battle with cancer, Holliday became a passionate advocate for improving the patient experience. Her custom presentations often include her breathtaking artwork.

Brent James
Expert in Clinical Quality Improvement & Patient Safety

James is known internationally for his work in clinical quality improvement, patient safety, and the infrastructure that underlies successful improvement efforts, such as culture change, data systems, payment methods, and management roles.

Lygeia Ricciardi
Digital Health & Patient Engagement Expert

At the vanguard of digital health and consumer engagement for over 15 years, Ricciardi inspires with her passion for using digital health to help individuals live healthier and happier lives.

Dr. Megan Ranney
Emergency Physician & Researcher

One of the nation's strongest voices for innovative solutions to seemingly intractable public health crises, Ranney shares examples and strategies for using digital health to engage at-risk populations and reduce health disparities.  

Dr. Esther Choo
Associate Professor at Oregon Health & Science University, Founding Member for TIME’S UP Healthcare

A physician and popular health and science communicator, Choo is known as a bold and innovative voice on gender and racial equity in healthcare. She advocates for new frameworks for building positive and productive workplaces.

Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal
Award-Winning Reporter, Former Physician & Author

Rosenthal is the editor-in-chief of Kaiser Health News and the author of An American Sickness, a shocking investigation into America's healthcare system.

Dr. Leana Wen
Physician & Healthcare Executive, CNN Medical Analyst & Former Baltimore Health Commissioner

Discussing the need and urgency for health reform, Wen shares her family's inspiring immigration story and how these early hardships are themselves testament to the power of public health.