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Dr. Jordyn  Feingold

Dr. Jordyn Feingold

Physician, Researcher, Thought Leader, Well-Being Expert & Author


Jordyn H. Feingold, MD, MAPP, MSCR is a physician, well-being researcher, positive psychology practitioner, and founder of the emerging field of positive medicine, working to bring the science of well-being to people everywhere. Read More >

She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with her BA and Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) and graduated from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai with her MD and Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR). She is currently completing her residency training in psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and will be starting fellowship training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in 2024.

Her research and clinical interests involve disorders of gut-brain interaction and the biopsychosocial model of digestive disorders, health care worker and patient well-being, and incorporating positive psychology approaches into health care delivery. She is involved in research, curriculum development, teaching, and advocacy locally and globally on these topics.

She developed and teaches an elective course called Positive Medicine at Mount Sinai and is co-founder of the trainee well-being curriculum called PEERS: Practice Enhancement, Engagement, Resilience, and Support. She also developed an online well-being program for clinicians, Thrive-Rx. Jordyn is co-author of Choose Growth: A Workbook for Transcending Trauma, Fear, and Self-Doubt, with Scott Barry Kaufman. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Positive Medicine

Despite burgeoning research and practice in Positive Psychology (aka, the science of well-being) since the field's inception in 1998, the notion of human flourishing or thriving is still mostly absent from mainstream medical practice. Whereas the "medical model" emphasizes disease treatment and prevention, Positive Medicine aims to cultivate a state of complete health and whole-person well-being. Whether you are a clinician, patient, or caregiver, founder of the emerging field of Positive Medicine, Jordyn Feingold, MD will teach you what decades of research have to say about the ingredients of well-being and health, above and beyond the absence of disease and the inextricable links between the mind and body. Feingold will talk about what it means to REVAMP our notions of health and disease by focusing on six key themes: positive relationships, engagement, vitality, accomplishment, meaning, and positive emotions. If you are looking to get past burnout and moral injury and help your workplace or stakeholders thrive, this talk is for you. Read More >

Dr. Feingold also delivers individual talks and workshops on each of the REVAMP elements (positive relationships, engagement, vitality, accomplishment, meaning, and positive emotions) for audiences looking for a deeper dive. Read Less ^

Choose Growth

It’s no secret that the pandemic has been challenging for everyone, across the lifespan. The trauma, loss and uncertainty of our world have led many of us to ask life’s biggest questions. Who are we? What is our higher purpose? And how do we not only live through but thrive in the wake of tragedy, division and challenges to our fundamental way of living? In this talk, physician and well-being expert Jordyn Feingold, MD gives you the tools to get back to leading a good, meaningful and purposeful life, as well as building resilience to handle adversity in the future. This keynote can be customized for physicians and health care workers, K-12 and higher education students, along with educators, administrators and anyone else who is trying to grow in our new post-pandemic world.

Post-Pandemic Growth for Health Care Workers

Patients aren’t the only ones who have been affected by COVID-19. The pandemic has taken a huge toll on the mental health of healthcare workers. In fact, 93% of healthcare professionals have reported experiencing stress and 76% said they were exhausted and burned out, according to a survey by Mental Health America. So, is it possible for those on the frontlines fighting this deadly disease to get back to feeling a sense of wholeness again? Physician, researcher and author Jordyn Feingold is a frontline health care worker who says it’s not only conceivable for healthcare workers to bounce back in the face of significant changes in their lives but also thrive. In this talk, Feingold provides the tools to help those who are experiencing burnout acquire greater meaning, reassess their priorities, build their resilience, and feel more alive again using a framework of scientifically backed positive psychology and humanistic psychology interventions. If you are in the healthcare profession, this talk is for you.