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Jennifer  Willey

Jennifer Willey

Founder & CEO, Wet Cement


Jennifer Willey launched Wet Cement in 2017 to help individuals and organizations to fear less to accelerate inclusivity, leadership and growth. She empowers teams to achieve their potential and works with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and associations across industries, including digital media and advertising, technology, communications, healthcare, retail and financial services. She is the creator of the Fearless in 5 career-enhancing microlearning video series, helping people thrive at work and in life. Read More >

Jenn’s mission is supporting the advancement of women. Her original research with a team of behavioral scientists at Wharton examined the internal barriers preventing us from achieving our professional potential, and analyzed through the gender lens. That work is the basis for her “Fearless in 5 Fundamentals” approach on confidence, communication, connection, control and culture. She is the Gender Equality Expert for Comexposium Japan. She is co-founder of WE.DOOH, the Women’s Empowerment Initiative through the global industry association DPAA, serving the digital out-of-home industry (where she also serves on the Advisory Board and leads all their programming). Jenn’s been a featured speaker by the International Women’s Day Organization and was recognized as a “Women of Achievement” in 2023 by the Princeton Mercer Chamber of Commerce.

Jenn understands intersectionality to her core, as she is proud to be one of only 50 Founders whose company is certified as both a Disability-Owned (by Disability:IN) and Woman-Owned (by WBENC) business. Prior to launching Wet Cement, Jennifer spent more than 20 years leading sales, strategy and marketing for innovative companies including Yahoo, AOL, The Trade Desk and WebMD (where she was the Founder and Chair of the inaugural Women’s Leadership Network). Jennifer’s industry knowledge gives her a unique perspective on how to diplomatically navigate and lead within dynamic, challenging corporate environments. Earlier in her career, Jenn was a television news anchor and reporter for ABC and CBS affiliates where she honed her public speaking and storytelling skills and learned how to establish a winning presence.

Jenn‘s philanthropic work is also focused on the advancement of women. She is an Advisor and Committee Member of the non-profit Working for Women, and serves on the Programming committee for Impact 100 Jersey Coast and on the Women Unite Advisory Board for the Covenant House of New Jersey.

Jennifer earned both her undergraduate degree and Diversity and Inclusion Certification from Cornell University. She is also a member of the National Speakers Association, Diversity Alliance for Science (where she serves on the Membership Committee), Executive Women of New Jersey and Princeton Mercer Chamber of Commerce. She’s also fearless when it comes to fitness, and has been teaching group fitness classes since 1990 (and currently teaches at Crunch Fitness in her spare time!) She is a proud mom of two teenage sons, and lives in New Jersey with her husband and Cavapoo. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

Jennifer Willey Keynote Kick Off at the 2019 Startup World Cup

Jennifer Willey adTech 2020 Virtual Keynote: Innovation Through Inclusivity

Fearless in 5: How to Stop Calling Yourself "Dumb"

Speech Topics

Advance Women At Work: Women's Empowerment

Did you know that four out of five male leaders say a lack of confidence is the biggest barrier holding back women from climbing the corporate ladder? Or that men hold more than 80% of leadership roles, partially because they approach networking and mentorship differently than women do? Or that women are interrupted 3x more than men at work? Informed by original research, Advance Women At Work offers inspiring and actionable content to help women be more fearless at work and in life. This keynote empowers the women (and men!) in your organization to become more effective leaders and create a collaborative culture. We focus on five key pillars--Confidence, Communication, Control, Connections and Courage--while combining data and insights across assertive language, personal development and business networking. Read More >

Attendees will leave with: Read Less ^

  • An understanding of what’s holding them back and strategies to overcome personal roadblocks
  • More confidence in their strengths and abilities, and a plan for developing skills they need to fulfill their mission
  • Ways to communicate more assertively to enhance credibility and effectiveness
  • A roadmap to advance their careers by developing a Personal Board of Directors
  • Additional strategies to transform their professional growth and personal relationships

Allyship & The Modern Male Leader: How to Build a Culture of Inclusion and Empowerment

Cultivating an inclusive culture is a top priority for ‘modern leaders,’ but it is easier said than done. Sexual harassment and unconscious bias training are just the first steps in creating an organization where everyone can thrive equally. Male executives and managers are expected to build collaborative cultures that drive innovation, engagement, loyalty, and the bottom line, but they aren’t given a playbook on how to make that happen. Until now. Read More >

In this helpful, supportive, and non-judgmental program, we provide 'the good guys' with an insider’s look at the top growth barriers for women, the science behind it, and what they can and should do, to achieve gender equity. We help the men in your organization tackle the necessary attitudinal, operational, and behavioral changes, including topics like non-promotable work, the double bind, the broken rung, microaggressions, and meeting interruptions, among others. Your team will learn new strategies to help female reports and colleagues be more empowered and effective while promoting an inclusive culture.

Attendees will leave with: Read Less ^

  • Knowledge of the top factors holding women back from achieving their potential and what they can do about it
  • A better understanding of the Gender Issue Spectrum--from harassment to microaggressions
  • A plan to shift how they operate across key leadership functions including talent recruitment, pay and promotion equity, culture and team dynamics
  • Simple methods to create a psychologically safe environment and encourage collaboration

Innovation Through Inclusivity: How to Build an Inclusive Culture Together

Collaborative cultures drive innovation, engagement, loyalty, and the bottom line. But while cultivating an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive equally is a priority for most leading organizations, there is no ‘playbook’ for understanding and embracing equity, until now. In this new keynote, we examine the internal and external barriers holding women back from achieving their potential. We explore workplace realities like non-promotable work, the double bind, the broken rung, microaggressions and meeting interruptions, among others. Your team will learn new strategies to help empower and advance women while making it easier for men to understand their role in promoting an inclusive culture. Read More >

Attendees will leave with: Read Less ^

  • Knowledge of the top factors holding women back from achieving their potential and what can be done to solve these challenges
  • A better understanding of the gender inequities in today’s workplace
  • A plan to shift how they operate to change the equity equation at work – regardless of their gender
  • Simple methods to create a psychologically safe environment and encourage collaboration

Evict the Impostor: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Improve Confidence

Have you ever thought of yourself as a fraud or a fake, waiting for others to ‘find out’ that you aren’t really as smart or talented as everyone thinks you are? If you haven’t personally felt this way, your team members probably have. Impostor Syndrome affects the majority of women at work, but men also struggle with it too. The vast majority of professionals secretly lack confidence at work and identify with one or more Impostor Syndrome ‘competence types’—and they are hungry for strategies on how to understand and overcome their own limiting beliefs. Imposter Syndrome holds high performing, intelligent and creative people back from achieving their potential and can wreak havoc on team dynamics. Those touched by the impostor wand withhold their best ideas, shy away from promotions, delay taking action, burn themselves out and compromise the team. This workshop provides effective methods to build confidence and manage Impostor Syndrome so together we can overcome roadblocks that prevent us from reaching our goals. Read More >

Attendees will leave with: Read Less ^

  • An understanding of how pervasive Impostor Syndrome is and why it matters
  • The ability to identify various Impostor Syndrome ‘competence types’
  • Strategies to improve their own mindset and behaviors
  • Methods for managing team members who suffer from low self-confidence or Impostor Syndrome

Build Your Personal Board of Directors: How to Advance at Work Through Allies and Advocates

The relationships you forge along the road to success can have a tremendous impact on your professional growth. Research shows that men are more likely to build sponsor and mentor relationships to help them navigate tricky political situations at work and position themselves for promotions. All too often women are told “they should find a mentor or sponsor’ but aren’t sure where to begin or how to do this in an authentic way. The result is that women are ‘slipping’ on the proverbial “broken rung” and not promoted at the same rate as their male colleagues. Read More >

This valuable and actionable workshop makes it easy for women to map out a plan of who can help them on their professional journey and how to build those win-win relationships. Attendees will identify the critical role sponsors, mentors, peer thought partners, allies, and protégées play in supporting their careers. Participants recognize their personal career growth needs, learn the value that each member of a personal board can provide, and build a network of trusted partners who will share a vested interest in their future.

Attendees will leave with: Read Less ^

  • An understanding of how a personal Board of Directors can help them meet their career goals
  • A clear view of their top developmental priorities and the ‘gifts they have to give’ to mentor others
  • A roadmap of how to identify each type of board member and the role he/she plays
  • Strategies to help them approach potential advocates and win their support