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Jon  Picoult

Jon Picoult

Customer & Employee Experience Expert, Acclaimed Author & Advisor to CEOs


Jon Picoult is masterful at helping companies impress their customers and inspire their employees, creating raving fans that drive business growth. He is a noted authority on customer and employee experience, and the leadership traits needed to excel at both. Read More >

From Fortune 500 CEOs to budding entrepreneurs, Jon has advised business leaders worldwide on how to cultivate loyalty in both the marketplace and the workplace – not just by shaping people’s experiences, but also by shaping their memories.

Using captivating stories and eye-opening studies, he explains the breakthrough, psychology-based strategies that great, admired companies use to turn everyday people into lifelong fans. Jon leaves audiences enlightened and energized to apply those same techniques in their roles and organizations.

Jon’s insights have been featured by dozens of media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Inc., Fortune and Forbes. His landmark study on the ROI of customer experience is one of the most widely cited pieces of research in the industry, referenced by firms such as McKinsey, Deloitte, Accenture, Forrester, SAP, and Oracle.

Jon is also the author of the bestselling book, From Impressed to Obsessed: 12 Principles for Turning Customers and Employees into Lifelong Fans, which debuted as an Amazon #1 New Release in its category and was featured in The Wall Street Journal as a top reading pick. The book has earned praise from business luminaries such as Horst Schulze (co-founder of Ritz-Carlton Hotels), Hubert Joly (former CEO of Best Buy), and Marshall Goldsmith (world-renowned executive coach).

Currently the Founder & Principal of Watermark Consulting, Jon previously held senior executive roles at Fortune 100 firms – heading up service, operations, distribution, technology, sales and marketing. Early in his career, at the age of 29, Jon earned the distinction of becoming the youngest executive officer in the over 150-year history of a leading global financial services company.

Jon received his bachelor’s degree in cognitive science from Princeton University and his M.B.A. in general management from Duke University. Read Less ^

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Why Customer Experience is Bigger Than Customer Service

The Best Service Recovery Story... Ever!

Speech Topics

The Art & Science Of A Great Customer Experience

If you’re aspiring to satisfy your customers, then you’re aspiring to mediocrity. That’s the fascinating premise behind this keynote, and it will fundamentally change how you think about creating a successful, beloved business. Read More >

Jon explains why building customer loyalty requires not just satisfying customers, but impressing them – forging indelible memories which drive the repurchase and referral behavior that is the lifeblood of any thriving business. With fascinating case studies and engaging stories, he reveals the 12 proven, science-based principles that legendary companies use to create truly impressive brand experiences – the kind that turn more sales prospects into customers, and more customers into lifelong fans.

Whether you serve external or internal customers, you’ll emerge from this program with specific, actionable ideas for turning your organization’s customer experience into its greatest competitive advantage. Read Less ^

Lead For Loyalty: A Great Customer Experience Starts With You

A great customer experience is like a beautifully choregraphed performance. As with any performance, an important part of this one involves what goes on backstage – in the work environment and with the leaders who shape it. Read More >

In this insightful keynote, Jon highlights the parallels between how great companies cultivate engagement with customers, and how great leaders accomplish the same with their workforce. He explains how leaders, via their own personal behaviors and the workplace constructs they create, have an unparalleled opportunity to encourage customer-focused behaviors throughout their organizations. Read Less ^

An ‘A’ For Effortless

Lots of companies fly the “easy to do business with” banner. Few ever actually fulfill that promise, as most consumers can attest. In this fascinating talk, Jon reveals how great companies make it not just easy – but completely effortless – for people to do business with them. Read More >

Using eye-opening statistics and amusing real-world examples, Jon explains why an effortless customer experience is such a rare and powerful competitive differentiator. In addition, for versions of this keynote geared towards leadership audiences, he explains how to eradicate distracting, unproductive effort from the workplace, so employees can keep their focus where it belongs – on their customers. Read Less ^

The Cognitive Science Behind A Great Customer Experience

The key to delivering a great customer experience? It’s all in your head! That’s because creating a great impression on customers isn’t just about shaping their experiences, it’s about shaping their memories. Read More >

In this fascinating program, Jon describes how great companies capitalize on cognitive science to influence how customers perceive and remember their experiences, driving the repurchase and referral behavior that’s at the heart of any successful business. From improving sales close rates to building positive word-of-mouth to enhancing employee engagement – you’ll find the principles outlined in this program to be invaluable. Read Less ^

From Great Recession To Great Cessation: How To Strengthen Customer Loyalty During Difficult Times

In 2008-09, during the height of the Great Recession, Hyundai Motors increased its market share by a remarkable 40%. Starbucks lost half its market value during that same economic downturn, yet emerged stronger from the recession, outperforming the S&P 500 by more than six-fold. Read More >

Just a few years after the Covid-19 pandemic’s Great Cessation decimated the air travel industry, Delta Airlines bounced back strong, delivering a shareholder return that was more than twice that of its peer group.

These are just three examples of companies that skillfully leveraged Customer Experience strategic principles to not just survive a period of crisis, but to thrive in the aftermath. In this fascinating and timely program, Jon reveals the techniques that smart companies use to strengthen customer loyalty during even the most challenging times. Read Less ^