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Marcus  Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan

Transformational Sales and Marketing Leader, Master Storyteller, Serial Entrepreneur

Marcus Sheridan

Transformational Sales and Marketing Leader, Master Storyteller, Serial Entrepreneur


Marcus Sheridan is a globally recognized communication expert, bestselling author, and captivating keynote speaker specializing in Transformational Communication. With over two decades of industry experience, Marcus has mastered the art of connecting, engaging, and influencing individuals and organizations. His expertise spans the topics of sales, leadership, marketing, AI, personal development, and trust.

Starting his journey after college, Marcus is an entrepreneurial success story. He founded a business that grew into the world's most-trafficked swimming pool company, revolutionizing effective communication in the business landscape. He ignited the They Ask, You Answer movement, empowering businesses to embrace transparency in their marketing and communications. His bestselling book, They Ask, You Answer, has sold 100,000 copies, and has been translated into several languages. As a dynamic speaker, Marcus engages audiences worldwide, and is known for his real-time interactions that transcend norms, resulting in memorable presentations every time. 

Featured in renowned media outlets such as The New York Times and Forbes, Marcus solidifies his role as a trailblazer in communication. His clients include recognizable brands such as Whirlpool, Discover, Bass Pro Shops, Cisco, Microsoft, and many more.

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The Evolution of Sales and Marketing

The Power of Transparency

The Business of Trust

Speech Topics

THEY ASK YOU ANSWER: A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, & Today's Digital Customer

Based on his landmark book, that has sold over 150,000 copies around the world and was named a “Top 5 Marketing Book of All Time,” They Ask You Answer addresses two fundamental and prolific problems businesses (both B2B and B2C) are dealing with today:

  1. How do we evolve our business model to fit the demands of a dramatically more informed, less patient, and more digital customer?
  2. How can we establish our brand and business as the voice of trust in our space, while attracting enough customers and standing out above the noise

With these important questions in mind, attendees in this program will learn:

  • How companies must evolve their sales and marketing departments (and their priorities) to meet the expectations of informed digital customers
  • The very specific types of content today’s buyers demand to see (and learn about) on a company’s website – and how to effectively address these subjects as a business to gain their trust
  • The role video and visual will play on the buying process moving forward and how companies can effectively embrace this critical medium
  • The power great content can have when used intentionally in the sales process, and how sales teams can revolutionize their sales process when it’s applied correctly
  • How customers are demanding more of a “seller-free” sales experience on the front end of the buying process
  • The up-and-coming trend of “self-service” – and how companies can effectively integrate it with their customer website experiences

Ultimately, They Ask You Answer focuses on “trust” and “change” and has proven to be life-changing for the 500+ audiences around the world that have received this very program.

QUESTION FIRST FOR LEADERS: A Transformative Approach to Workplace Conversations for Leaders, Managers, & Team Members

In an ever-growing digital world where people are busier and more stressed than they’ve ever been, never has deeper and more effective communication been more important.

Leaders have witnessed stunning shifts in the workforce. Managers are experiencing new demands and juggling more than ever from their team. And employees are attempting to find a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and growth.

Expectations for everyone have changed. 

And this means surface-level conversations and average communication skills are no longer enough.

Today, to get the results needed for success, we must be transformational in the way we communicate.

We must stand out. We must know how to handle difficult situations. We must understand the art of active listening and effective questions. Ultimately, we must have deeper conversations to form deeper relationships.

The challenge, of course, is that there is very little information available that teaches people “how” to do these things.

For this reason, renowned speaker, communicator, and business leader Marcus Sheridan has released this new program, designed around a strategic communication philosophy and framework called Question First.

In essence, Question First will teach audiences three core principles that will unlock their ability as leaders, managers, and team-members to overcome the following struggles:

  • What is the perfect response to any negative situation, moment, or statement in the workplace?
  • How can I get my team to own the solutions to their problems and become better leaders in the process?
  • How can I speak the right way to customers every time, earning their trust and resolving their concerns, regardless of the situation?
  • How can we as a team go beyond surface-level questions to create opportunities for self-discovery and “light bulb” moments?

What makes this program unique is that Marcus uses his trademark style to create highly interactive, engaging, and enlightening activities with each audience, delivering teachings that truly “stick”, while also ensuring clear takeaways for each attendee.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a program that will help your audience members improve their ability to lead, influence, and communicate, resulting in better company cultures, better team performance, more sales, and greater employee retention in the process – this is the program for you.

As a result of this program, your audience will:

  • Develop the confidence to handle any difficult conversation, statement, or moment in a way that builds positive momentum and trust (without flinching or losing your ability to control the situation).
  • Learn how to create a culture of leadership development throughout your entire team, rooted in a communication framework that builds these skills naturally.
  • Understand how to ask incredibly effective questions that immediately get to the “core” of the issue while building stronger relationships in the process.
  • Become more aware of “what could cause this conversation (with a team member, customer, etc.) to go poorly” and learn how to get in front of such issues.
  • Know what it takes to consistently generate “light bulb moments” and breakthroughs with everyday team conversations and meetings.

QUESTION FIRST FOR SALES TEAMS: How to Become a Transformational Sales Communicator to Earn More Trust, Win More Deals, & Be Seen as a Trusted Advisor

The most effective sales professionals in the world tend to be the greatest communicators. In other words, they generally have:

The ability to instantly earn a prospect’s trust

The ability to handle any doubt, concern, or negative moment without flinching

The ability to ask discovery questions that immediately get to the true need, problem, or core of the issue. The ability to win every room they’re in by saying the right thing, showing up the right way, and instilling unbelievable confidence in those around them

But if we’re being honest, how many sales professionals truly have mastery of these skills? This is exactly why Question First is such a powerful and important sales program.

Whether it’s a B2B or B2C sales audience, Marcus Sheridan has developed a program that is loaded with takeaways, actionable items, and real-life sales scenarios that will move your audience and inspire them to become the communicators they were meant to be.

Marcus will teach your audience three fundamental principles of transformative communication, and his interactive and funny style will make the experience incredibly educational, entertaining, and inspiring.

As a result of this program, your sales team will:

  • Learn how to respond to any question (positive or negative) from a prospect in a way that shows confidence and builds trust.
  • Clearly identify “what could go wrong” before sales meetings and learn how to get in front of these issues, doubts, and objections before they are ever allowed to occur.
  • Understand the difference between effective and ineffective questions with
  • Earn trusted advisor status by asking deeper questions that induce major “light-bulb moments” with prospects and customers.
  • Discover how to masterfully lead a sales call while also helping the prospect feel fully engaged, heard, and understood.
  • Remove habits that are diminishing your team’s authority.

THE TRUST GAP: How to Overcome Buyer Hesitation, Build Advocacy, & Cultivate Trust in a Skeptical World

In today's ultra-competitive, yet highly skeptical market, establishing trust between consumers and businesses is more crucial than ever.

Customized and personalized for each audience, this program dives deep into the psychology of consumer/buyer decision-making and the factors that create initial hesitation and uncertainty.

This insightful and engaging keynote will explore the importance of transparency, authenticity, and empathy in building lasting relationships with your target audience.

By understanding and addressing the doubts, fears, worries, and questions that arise in the mind of potential customers, businesses can effectively bridge the trust gap and ultimately secure their loyalty and patronage.

Attendees will walk away armed with actionable strategies to close the trust gap and position their brand as a trusted partner in the eyes of their customers.

Key Takeaways Include:

The Psychology of Trust: Gain a deep understanding of the cognitive processes and emotional factors that influence consumer decision-making, and learn how to use this knowledge to build trust and credibility.

Storytelling for Impact: Discover the power of storytelling in shaping consumer perceptions and fostering emotional connections that resonate with your target audience, ultimately inspiring trust and loyalty.

Building Blocks of Trustworthiness: Uncover the essential components of trustworthiness, including transparency, reliability, and empathy, and learn how to integrate these elements into your marketing and customer service strategies to create a solid foundation of trust with your consumers.

THE AI ADVANTAGE: Practical Ways to Explode Marketing, Increase Sales, & Win Trust in the AI Era

In this insightful and forward-thinking keynote, "The AI Advantage: 7 Practical Ways to Explode Marketing, Increase Sales, and Win Trust with AI”, popular sales and marketing speaker Marcus Sheridan will take your audience on a journey into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence in the business landscape. This program is designed for business leaders, marketers, and innovators who are eager to harness the potential of AI to drive business growth, increase customer engagement, and become the most trusted voice in their space.

In this program, Sheridan will explore seven practical, actionable strategies that businesses can immediately implement to leverage AI in their marketing efforts. These strategies will cover a range of topics, from personalized marketing to content ideation and production to customer service automation and data-driven decision making.

The keynote will also address the ethical considerations of using AI within your business, and how to increase the “human” element of your brand while leaning into this incredible technology.

Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of how AI can be used responsibly and effectively to increase sales, improve customer relationships, and drive business growth -- all in a way that seems simple, attainable, and realistic.