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Sara  Riis-Carstensen

Sara Riis-Carstensen

Head of Global Branding at the De Beers Group & Former Director of Global Brand Development at LEGO

Sara Riis-Carstensen

Head of Global Branding at the De Beers Group & Former Director of Global Brand Development at LEGO


Sara Riis-Carstensen is the strategic driver behind LEGO’s rise to global brand supremacy. With a career spanning some of the world’s most iconic brands, Sara has garnered acclaim as a pioneering figure in brand strategy and marketing.

Armed with a wealth of experience from roles at companies such as Carlsberg, Giorgio Armani, De Beers, and Lufthansa, Sara possesses a unique perspective on the intricacies of brand strategy and premium brand positioning. At each juncture, she has harnessed her expertise to drive transformative change and craft resonant narratives that captivate audiences worldwide.

Her journey began at LEGO, where she orchestrated a groundbreaking transformation, elevating the beloved toy brand to unparalleled heights of iconic recognition and influence. Under her leadership, LEGO ascended to the coveted position of the world’s most powerful brand, a distinction underscored by the prestigious ‘Brand Finance’ ranking. Additionally, her visionary initiatives propelled LEGO into a new era of innovation and engagement, yielding a plethora of award-winning campaigns and creative activations.

Transitioning to De Beers, Sara embarked on yet another transformative endeavor, revolutionizing the renowned diamond company’s marketing paradigm. By pioneering an always-on digital strategy, she propelled De Beers into the digital forefront, fostering meaningful connections with consumers across social channels.

After a few years as a management consultant in New York, Sara currently serves as the Head of Brand Strategy & Premium at Lufthansa Group, where she continues to shape the landscape of brand innovation.

Sara’s global presence and unparalleled expertise have made her a sought-after speaker at both public events and private corporations, including esteemed names like Burberry, Facebook, and Coca-Cola. 

A dynamic and impassioned speaker, she graces global forums, conferences, and events with her unparalleled insights, captivating audiences with her infectious energy and strategic acumen.

Continuously ranked within the top echelon of keynote speakers, Sara’s transformative vision and dynamic delivery ensure an unforgettable experience for audiences spanning diverse backgrounds and industries.

In her keynotes, Sara offers a glimpse into the inner workings of brand transformation, drawing from her global career to inspire and empower leaders to chart their own path to success. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, Sara Riis-Carstensen continues to redefine the boundaries of brand strategy, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage.

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Building a Brand Brick by Brick

Speech Topics

Building a Brand. Brick by Brick

Step into the dynamic world of brand transformation with Sara Riis-Carstensen, the visionary mastermind behind LEGO’s meteoric rise to global acclaim. In this keynote, Sara unveils the meticulous process of crafting LEGO’s inaugural global brand strategy from the ground up. Join Sara Riis-Carstensen on a captivating exploration of LEGO’s ascension to global prominence, as she shares the secrets to building an iconic brand legacy that resonates across generations. Embark on a transformative journey of innovation and inspiration, guided by the unparalleled wisdom of a true industry luminary.

Decoding Premium: Navigating the Future of Luxury Brands

In this keynote, Sara Riis-Carstensen ventures into the enigmatic realm of premium and luxury branding, dissecting the nuanced factors that underpin their allure and enduring appeal. With a keen eye for emerging trends and industry shifts, Sara offers a comprehensive exploration of what defines premium and luxury in today’s dynamic marketplace. Beyond the confines of exclusivity, Sara delves into the multifaceted elements that elevate brands to coveted status, unraveling the intricate tapestry of craftsmanship, heritage, and storytelling that distinguishes true luxury. Drawing upon her rich experience, she unveils the latest trends shaping the landscape of premium brands, offering invaluable insights into the evolving expectations of discerning consumers.

Unveiling the Blueprint: Building Global Power Brands

In this keynote, Sara Riis-Carstensen, unveils the secrets to crafting iconic global brands. Drawing upon her career spanning iconic companies, Sara shares invaluable insights into the strategic maneuvers and innovative tactics essential for brand supremacy in today’s competitive landscape. Attendees will discover the fundamental principles underpinning the ascent of global power brands, gaining actionable strategies to propel their own brands to the forefront of consumer consciousness.

Breaking Stereotypes. Building Connections

In this enlightening keynote, Sara sheds light on the evolving perceptions and expectations surrounding women, urging brands to transcend outdated stereotypes and embrace a more inclusive and authentic approach.

Drawing upon her extensive experience, Sara delves into the complexities of gender dynamics in advertising and consumer culture. From challenging traditional norms to celebrating the multifaceted identities of women, Sara offers practical guidance and strategic frameworks for brands seeking to forge genuine connections with their female consumers. Whether it’s through inclusive messaging, diverse representation, or purpose-driven initiatives, she empowers brands to embrace authenticity and empathy as cornerstones of their marketing efforts.