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Stephen  Koch

Stephen Koch

World's Only Leadership Expert Who Snowboarded on Mt Everest


Stephen Koch began his career as a pioneering snowboard mountaineer, professional athlete, and mountain guide. With over 50 first ascents and descents on the world’s highest and most challenging mountains, he made calculated decisions with a high level of uncertainty in the face of extreme danger. Koch generally chose well, but occasionally not. It is in the “not” where the gold lies. Read More >

As a thought leader and keynote speaker, Koch analyzes the world of high-stakes decision making and failure, sharing the gold that has resulted from tragedy as he connects with audiences worldwide. He inspires corporate organizations through customized presentations with stories and lessons learned from a 20 plus year career climbing and snowboarding unprecedented new routes from around the world. Read Less ^

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Extreme Leadership and Decision-Making

Koch will lead audiences through lessons learned the hard way - in the teeth of an avalanche, leading a team up Mount Everest, making decisions about turning back or heading onward that mean life or death. Audiences will learn how to make decisions when the pace is fast, the dangers extreme, and need to decide imminent. 

How to Lead a Team Under Pressure

Today’s business climate demands more from organizations, teams, and leaders than ever before. The pace is faster, the stakes higher, and the changes in the marketplace come more rapidly than ever. Leading a team means being willing to make decisions faster and make bigger bets than ever. Stephen will show audiences how to build an effective team, lead it when it counts, and get out of the way when that's essential.

The Zen of Leadership

Koch will take audiences on a thrilling journey through the world of high-stakes decision-making and failure, sharing the gold that has resulted from tragedy as he tells stories about his life in the mountains and helps audiences apply his wisdom to their business dilemmas.