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Troy  Carter

Troy Carter

Tech Venture Capitalist, Founder, Atom Factory


An entrepreneurial force that evolved from musician and legendary talent manager to tech mogul, VC visionary, executive producer and member of the Billboard Power 100, Troy Carter is now as famous for the start-ups that he early invested in (Uber, Lyft, Warby Parker, Dropbox, Spotify, Slack, Gimlet Media and The Skimm) as the artists that he launched to stardom (Lady Gaga, John Legend, Meghan Trainor, Nelly, Priyanka Chopra and others). Known for the “art of the hustle,” Carter’s unstoppable combination of work ethic, grit and genius took him from high school dropout to multi-millionaire CEO. In industry after industry, his stellar successes share a common thread: a proven talent to recognize the potential of artists, technology, business models, founders, organizations and leaders. Read More >

Called “the rare bridge between Silicon Valley and the Los Angeles entertainment industry” by Business Insider, Carter is currently leading multiple ventures at the intersection of tech, innovation and branding – today’s multi-billion dollar start-ups and tomorrow’s culture. He is also developing projects in film, TV and theater projects with Netflix, Universal and Apple. As a successful venture capitalist, Carter maintains investments in more than 80 companies through both Atom Factory and his early-stage VC firm Cross Culture Ventures. Backing entrepreneurs that are creating next generation tech and consumer products, CCV develops its portfolio through cutting edge cultural trend research, marketing, branding, digital marketing, social media strategy, and a global influencers network. Carter’s latest investments include companies ranging from subscription baby food delivery service Yumi to Catalyte, which uses AI to discover high-performing software talent. In addition to his own portfolio of companies and ventures, Carter served for two years as the Global Head of Creator Services at Spotify, overseeing the company’s relationships with artists, producers, songwriters and record companies. His powerful presence in the business of music elevated him to Billboard’s Power 100, the annual ranking of the music industry’s top influencers. He is now

At the core of Troy Carter’s inspiring story is his childhood in a tough neighborhood in West Philly where the art of the hustle began. “My mom was not able to buy us the expensive Air Jordans, so if I wanted something that was a little bit nicer, my brother and I had to go earn money for it,” he says. At 13, he started handing out leaflets at hip hop gigs. Later, as an aspiring rapper, he waited outside of Will Smith’s recording studio for months, standing in the snow and rain to pitch his latest recording. Eventually, Smith and Smith’s manager, James Lassiter made him an assistant, opening doors in the music, film and television industries. Carter went on to promote concerts in his hometown and join P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment. Several years later, he launched his own boutique management firm, nurturing the career of hip-hop sensation Eve. In 2007, he signed then-unknown singer-songwriter Stefani Germanotta. Carter transformed her into the global pop phenomenon Lady Gaga, pioneering the promotional power of social media in the process.

A believer in “grit and gratitude,” Carter is now giving back by creating opportunities for others. His venture fund leads the way in bridging the funding gap for minority entrepreneurs and creating VC fellowships for college students of color. He is a member of the United Nations Global Entrepreneur Council, Los Angeles Mayor’s Council for Technology, the Board of Trustees for the Aspen Institute and the Grammy Foundation. Highly motivating, with a passion for inspiring others, Carter energizes audiences with stories from his life and career. Always forward focused, he covers trends in culture, media, technology, marketing, branding, and other topics that will help you envision the future through the eyes of one of America’s true business visionaries. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

“The Art of the Hustle”: What it Takes to Achieve Your Dreams

From high school dropout to multimillionaire CEO, Troy Carter attributes his success to “the art of the hustle,” his unstoppable combination of work ethic, grit and genius. In this highly motivational speech, he explores this powerful mindset and the traits and character vital to success in career and life. He also explores what he has learned from failure, celebrates the power of reinvention, and shares his secrets to staying fresh and ahead of trends.  Throughout, he tells his own inspiring tory of bucking impossible odds to reach stellar success –leaving audiences energized to take on new challenges and overcome obstacles. 

Innovating, Incubating and Accelerating: Tech and Trends that Will Shape the Future and Your Brand

Step into Troy Carter’s tech world for a look at his latest startup investments and what’s in the pipeline in Silicon Valley and beyond. He also looks at the future through a cultural lens viewing upcoming trends with an eye for “futureproofing your business” against disruption. How will shifts in demographics and behaviors affect how brands must engage with customers? Coming from a unique vantage point at the center of tech innovation, branding, and culture, Troy Carter reveals what’s coming next and how it will impact our lifestyles and businesses.

Spotting Potential: What to Look for in People, Investments & Organizations

What do Lady Gaga, Warby Parker, John Legend, Lyft and Uber all have in common? One man saw their potential: Troy Carter. Now an investor in more than 80 companies, Carter holds a unique position at the intersection of tech and entertainment, multi-billion dollar start-ups and tomorrow’s culture. His talent for spotting potential across numerous and varied industries continues to fuel his success. In this game-changing keynote, Carter shares what he looks for when evaluating founders, leaders, individuals, investments and more. He also explores how to foster and develop those qualities in others, yourself and your brand.