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Mosab Hassan Yousef
Mosab Hassan Yousef

Hamas Whistleblower, Star of The Green Prince

Mosab Hassan Yousef is the bestselling author of The Son of Hamas, as well as the star of the film, The Green Prince, which chronicles his intense journey as a spy for the Israeli Shin Bet against Hamas.

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Irshad  Manji
Irshad Manji

Author & Founder of Moral Courage TV

Professor Irshad Manji role models the key teaching of moral courage: that doing the right thing in the face of our fears makes us whole. A senior fellow at the USC, she is an educator at heart.

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Shirin  Ebadi
Shirin Ebadi

Nobel Peace Prize-Winning Activist & Lawyer

Iranian lawyer and activist Shirin Ebadi is the first Muslim to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. She speaks about democracy and the fundamental rights of women, children and every individual.

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Mansoor  Shams
Mansoor Shams

U.S. Marine Veteran & Muslim Youth Leader

Mansoor Shams is a U.S. Marine Veteran, business owner, and Muslim youth leader. Mansoor served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he attained the rank of corporal.

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Zainab  Al-Suwaij
Zainab Al-Suwaij

Executive Director, American Islamic Congress

As co-founder and executive director of the nonprofit American Islamic Congress, Zainab Al-Suwaij works to promote a positive Muslim American voice.

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Husain  Haqqani
Husain Haqqani

Former Pakistan Ambassador to the United States

Husain Haqqani served as Pakistan's ambassador to the United States from 2008-2011 and is widely credited with managing a difficult partnership during a critical phase in the global war on terrorism.

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Tawakkol  Karman
Tawakkol Karman

Nobel Prize-Winning Human Rights Activist

Tawakkol Karman is a Yemeni journalist, politician, human rights activist and the co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. As the face of the Yemeni uprising, she was instrumental in helping shape the Arab Spring.

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Sarwar A. Kashmeri
Sarwar A. Kashmeri

International Strategic Communications Expert

A global strategic communications advisor and the host of the Foreign Policy Association's Global Currents podcasts, Sarwar Kashmeri’s specialty is the integration of globalization, business, and foreign policy.

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