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Dan  Rather
Dan Rather

Legendary Journalist & News Anchor

One of the most renowned reporters of our time, Emmy-winning Dan Rather has experience and perspective few can match. He offers insight into world events and the significance of journalism today.

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Catherine  Rampell
Catherine Rampell

Opinion Columnist for The Washington Post

Catherine Rampell writes a twice-weekly, nationally syndicated opinion column for The Washington Post. She covers economics, public policy, politics, and culture, with a special emphasis on data-driven journalism.

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Tamara  Keith
Tamara Keith

NPR White House Correspondent

Tamara Keith is a White House correspondent and co-host of the NPR Politics Podcast, the most listened-to podcast during the 2016 presidential campaign, where she covered Hilary Clinton.

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Nicholas  Kristof
Nicholas Kristof

Pulitzer Prize-Winning NYT Columnist

A Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for The New York Times, Nick Kristof offers a compassionate glimpse into such issues as global health, poverty and gender in the developing world.

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Tina  Brown
Tina Brown

CEO, Tina Brown Live Media & Founder, The Daily Beast

A legendary editor and CEO, Tina Brown has led a career propelled by her talent for re-invention and leading organizations through extreme disruption. She inspires with her unique worldview and passionate mission.

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Martha  Raddatz
Martha Raddatz

ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent

Martha Raddatz is ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent and co-anchor of This Week with George Stephanopoulos. She has covered national security, foreign policy and politics for decades.

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John  King
John King

CNN Chief National Correspondent

John King is the anchor of CNN's John King, USA, offering in-depth analysis, discussion and commentary on a blend of politics, national & world affairs, and social, cultural & media trends.

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Bakari  Sellers
Bakari Sellers

CNN Political Analyst, Lawyer & Activist

Speaker Bakari Sellers views himself as a public servant who believes education, civil rights and equality are the cornerstones of our nation’s future.

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