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David  Pogue
David Pogue

Technology Columnist & NOVA Host

Tech columnist and best-selling author David Pogue is one of today's most entertaining, informative and popular speakers. He provides valuable insights into how technology impacts our lives and careers.

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Jeremiah  Owyang
Jeremiah Owyang

Founder, Crowd Companies

Silicon Valley’s Jeremiah Owyang takes you beyond spotting the latest trends, disruptions and technological advances. He shows you how to leverage these forces to shift your business model.

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Jim  Carroll
Jim Carroll

Futurist, Trend & Innovation Expert

As one of the world's leading futurists and trend and innovation experts, Jim Carroll lends his expertise to a diverse client list that includes the BBC and Disney.

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Michio  Kaku
Michio Kaku

World-Renowned Theoretical Physicist

Dr. Michio Kaku is an authority in Einstein's unified theory field, innovation, and "the future of the future.” He explores the science of tomorrow from computing power and AI to communication and genetics.

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Mike  Walsh
Mike Walsh

Founder and CEO, Tomorrow & Business Consultant

Founder and CEO of Tomorrow, a consumer innovation research lab, Mike Walsh advises some of the world's leading brands and corporations on what's coming next in their industry.

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Peter  Diamandis
Peter Diamandis

CEO of X Prize Foundation

Dr. Peter Diamandis heads the X Prize Foundation, which leads the world in designing and launching large incentive prizes to drive breakthroughs that benefit humanity.

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Brett  King
Brett King

Founder & CEO of Moven, Innovator, & Futurist

American Banker's Innovator of the Year in 2012, Brett King is considered the foremost global expert on retail banking innovation and customer experience. He is the CEO and founder of the retail bank Moven.

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Jack  Uldrich
Jack Uldrich

Business Futurist & Author

Jack Uldrich is founder of The School of Unlearning, an international consultancy that helps businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations prepare for and profit from periods of profound transformation.

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