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24 Apr 2019

Learn How to Relax During Stress Awareness Month

Every April, healthcare professionals and health experts come together to increase public awareness about the causes of and cures for the modern stress epidemic. APB Healthcare offers several speakers who touch on the topics of stress, happiness and balance. 

One way to cure stress is to follow Samantha Harris’ advice in her new book Your Healthiest Healthy. She translates comprehensive, research-backed knowledge into an easy-to-follow action plan for maximizing health and happiness. 

Brain scientist John Medina also discusses how you can live a stress-free life. Drawing from his neuroscience research, he provides energizing insights into how to improve your everyday routine by maximize productivity and designing a brain healthy space.  

In addition, sociologist and happiness expert, Christine Carter; 17th Surgeon General of the US and Chief of Health Innovations at Canyon Ranch, Richard Carmona; actress and philanthropist, Jane Seymour; and pioneer in functional and integrative medicine, Frank Lipman are all sought-after speakers on how to manage stress to achieve your best physical, mental and social well-being

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