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Bill  Bryson
Bill Bryson

Best-Selling Author

The best-selling author of A Walk in the Woods and I am a Stranger Here Myself, Bill Bryson has become a household name, acclaimed for his humorous insights as a travel writer.

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Rick  Steves
Rick Steves

Leading Authority on European Travel

A well-known travel expert who offers a uniquely accessible view into other cultures, Rick Steves provides fascinating presentations on Europe, Iran, and other destinations.

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Rudy  Maxa
Rudy Maxa

Travel Writer & Commentator

America's best-known travel writer and commentator. Maxa's one-hour weekend travel show, "The Savvy Traveler", is one of public radio's biggest hits.

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Holly  Morris
Holly Morris

Filmmaker, Author & TV Host, Globe Trekker

Holly Morris is an award-winning filmmaker and writer, and television host. Her newest documentary, The Babushkas of Chernobyl, premiered at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival.

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Danny  Boome
Danny Boome


As the breakout star of Rescue Chef, Danny Boome shares practical recipes and techniques for aspiring cooks of any skill level. He offers handy tips designed to provide essential nutrition on the go.

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Dan  Buettner
Dan Buettner

Author & Explorer

An internationally recognized explorer, Dan Buettner is founder of Blue Zones, a project that researches the world's best practices in health, happiness and longevity to help people live better.

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Roger  Crawford
Roger Crawford

Athlete & Motivator

Although physically challenged, speaker Roger Crawford became the first athlete with a severe handicap to compete in a NCAA Division I college sport.

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Robyn  Davidson
Robyn Davidson

Author, Tracks

Speaker Robyn Davidson crossed more than 1,700 miles of the Australian Outback with four camels and a dog, an odyssey she recounted in her memoir Tracks.

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