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Customer Service:

Dennis  Snow
Dennis Snow

Customer Service Expert

A customer service expert known for his 20-year career at Disney, speaker Dennis Snow shares with clients what it takes to run a world-class organization.

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Howard  Putnam
Howard Putnam

Former CEO of Southwest Airlines

For more than 30 years, Putnam - the former CEO of Southwest Airlines - played a leading role in the rapidly changing environment of the airline industry. He is the author of The Winds of Turbulence.

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John  Brandt
John Brandt

Former Editor-in-Chief, IndustryWeek

Corporate speaker John Brandt has spent decades studying leadership in effective, purpose-driven organizations, including IndustryWeek & Chief Executive. 

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Sheldon  Yellen
Sheldon Yellen


Business speaker Sheldon Yellen has built a robust reputation for his unconventional management style, which prizes people above meetings, committees, and corporate hierarchy.

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Geoff  Colvin
Geoff Colvin

Senior Editor-at-Large, Fortune Magazine

Geoff Colvin is an award-winning thinker, author, broadcaster, and speaker on today's most significant trends in business. As Fortune's Senior Editor-at-Large, he is one of America's most respected commentators.

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Uri  Minkoff
Uri Minkoff

CEO & Co-Founder of Rebecca Minkoff

Uri Minkoff is regarded as one of the most forward-thinking CEOs in retail. His pioneering use of new technologies and omnichannel customer experience have disrupted the fashion industry.

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Tony  Alessandra
Tony Alessandra

Business Consultant

Author and business leader Tony Alessandra helps companies grow by achieving market dominance through strategies designed to outsell and outservice the competition.

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John  Jacobs
John Jacobs

Co-Founder & CCO of Life is Good

Keynote speaker John Jacobs is co-founder and CCO (Chief Creative Optimist) of Life is Good, which spreads the power of optimism through inspiring art, a passionate community, and groundbreaking nonprofit work.

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