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Brian  Deese
Brian Deese

Senior Advisor to President Obama

From restructuring the American auto industry to securing the Paris Climate Agreement, Brian Deese was the President’s point person on some of the most historic undertakings of the Obama administration.

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Dan  Rather
Dan Rather

Legendary Journalist & News Anchor

One of the most renowned reporters of our time, Emmy-winning Dan Rather has experience and perspective few can match. He offers insight into world events and the significance of journalism today.

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John  King
John King

CNN Chief National Correspondent

John King is the anchor of CNN's John King, USA, offering in-depth analysis, discussion and commentary on a blend of politics, national & world affairs, and social, cultural & media trends.

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Juan  Williams
Juan Williams

Award-Winning Journalist

An Emmy-winning columnist and editorial writer for The Washington Post, speaker Juan Williams is an analyst for Fox News. He wrote Enough and Muzzled.

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Katty  Kay
Katty Kay

Anchor of BBC World News America & Author

The lead anchor of BBC World News America, Kay is an acclaimed international journalist and the co-author of Womenomics, which explores how women can create professional lives that meet their needs.

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Alice  Stewart
Alice Stewart

CNN Political Commentator

Alice Stewart is a CNN Political Commentator, veteran Senior Communications Advisor on numerous presidential campaigns and an Emmy Award-winning journalist.

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Amy  Goodman
Amy Goodman

Host, Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman is the host and executive producer of the independent news program Democracy Now! She speaks on political, gender, human rights and economic issues as well as her book Breaking the Sound Barrier.

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Angela  McGlowan
Angela McGlowan

Founder of Political Strategies & Insights

Angela McGlowan is an American political commentator, best-selling author, and CEO of Political Strategies & Insights (PSI), a government affairs, political strategy, public relations and advocacy consulting firm.

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