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Kayla  Harrison
Kayla Harrison

Two Time Olympic Judo Gold Medalist 

Kayla Harrison made history as the first American to win two gold medals in Judo. A survivor herself, she founded the Fearless Foundation to help survivors of child sexual abuse through education and sport.

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Tony  Hoffman
Tony Hoffman

Pro BMX Competitor & Recovering Addict

Elite pro BMX competitor Tony Hoffman is the founder and CEO of the Freewheel Project, a non-profit BMX racing organization devoted to educating youth on the importance of leading drug-free lives.

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Monica  Lewinsky
Monica Lewinsky

Social Activist & Contributor to Vanity Fair

Monica Lewinsky is a social activist, consultant and a contributing editor to Vanity Fair. She advocates for a safer social media environment and addresses such topics as digital resilience + reputation and more.

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Patrick  Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy

Former US Representative, Rhode Island

Patrick Kennedy was a Representative from Rhode Island to the US House of Representatives. He now works as a mental health advocate and speaks about mental health, healthcare and many other related issues.

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Chris  Herren
Chris Herren

Former NBA Player / Addiction Recovery Advocate

A hometown basketball legend, Chris Herren realized his dream of playing for the Celtics only to lose it all to addiction. He shares his story in Basketball Junkie & the ESPN documentary Unguarded.

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Liz  Seccuro
Liz Seccuro

Rape Survivor, Victims' Advocate, Author

Liz Seccuro offers a fresh perspective on Gender & Domestic Violence. As a bestselling author, media commentator and journalist, she talks about progress in terms of victims' rights and where we can improve.

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Koren  Zailckas
Koren Zailckas

Substance Abuse Advocate

Speaker Koren Zailckas authored Smashed, a riveting account of her alcohol abuse as a teen. She probes the national culture of addiction and recovery in her keynotes.

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Brian  Cuban
Brian Cuban

Mental Health/Recovery Advocate & Author

Brian Cuban is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness.  He speaks from personal experience and expertise on eating disorders, substance use disorders, and their underlying factors.

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