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Yong  Zhao
Yong Zhao

Globalization & Education Expert

Speaker Yong Zhao is the presidential chair and associate dean for global education at the University of Oregon. He covers everything from policy to innovation and technology.

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Christopher  Emdin
Christopher Emdin

Professor of Science Education & Author

Christopher Emdin teaches STEM classes at Columbia where he serves as Director of Secondary School Initiatives at the Urban Science Education Center. He wrote Urban Science Education for the Hip-Hop Generation.

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Stacey  Bess
Stacey Bess

Inspirational Educator & Author

The author of the memoir Nobody Don't Love Nobody, the story of her first teaching job at a school for homeless children, Stacey Bess shares a powerful message of mentorship and service.

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Alan  Blaustein
Alan Blaustein

Founder of CarePlanners

Alan Blaustein's journey to improve the healthcare system began with his 2005 thymic cancer diagnosis; he went on to found CarePlanners to help patients make better healthcare decisions.

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Erin  Gruwell
Erin Gruwell

Inspirational Educator & Author

Erin Gruwell helped students "written off" by the system harness the power of education to graduate high school. Her dedication to her students resulted in the publication of The Freedom Writers Diary.

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Michael  Fullan
Michael Fullan

Innovator & Leader in Teacher Education

The former Dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto, Michael Fullan is an expert on education reform. He advises lawmakers with the moral goal of universal education.

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Milton  Chen
Milton Chen

Education Innovation Expert

Speaker Milton Chen is a leading figure in educational media for years, currently leading the George Lucas Educational Foundation, a nonprofit that shares ideas on education.

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Pasi  Sahlberg
Pasi Sahlberg

Renowned Finnish Educator & Scholar

Pasi Sahlberg is a Finnish educator and scholar. Known as the international “school improvement activist,” he shares his experiences in classroom teaching, teacher education, and global educational change.

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