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APB Speakers to Motivate and Find the Olympian in Everyone

24 Jan 2018

APB Speakers Shane Snow and David Epstein Find the Olympian in Everyone

Although the Winter Olympic Games take place every four years, the athletes have been preparing for their shot at victory for much longer. The dedication, mental strength and personal development required at this level of competition are themes that directly translate into today's corporate, association and healthcare arenas. Acclaimed APB speakers Shane Snow and David Epstein examine these topics and more as they offer insights into leadership, innovation and success.

Called "the next Gladwell," Snow is an expert on teamwork and collaboration who has been lauded for changing the way we work and lead. He is the author of Smartcuts: The Breakthrough Power of Lateral Thinking and the highly anticipated forthcoming book Dream Teams.

Are athletes really getting faster, better and stronger? Based on his TED Talk that has reached over 1 million views, Epstein—author of The Sports Gene—shines the spotlight on the great nature vs. nurture debate as he opens our eyes to learned performance, effective leadership and finding personal and professional success.

Want an athlete's perspective on performance and success? Below, we’ve highlighted some of our most popular Olympians, or you can view our full roster here.

GREG LOUGANIS | Olympic Diver & Author

KAYLA HARRISON | Two Time Olympic Judo Gold Medalist

KEVIN PEARCE | Champion Snowboarder & Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor

DOROTHY HAMILL | Olympic Figure Skater

SHANNON MILLER | Most Decorated Olympic Gymnast In American History

SCOTT HAMILTON | Olympic Gold Medal Winning Skater & Television Personality

VINCE POSCENTE | Best-Selling Author, Business Consultant & Olympic Skier

PATRICK “BLAKE” LEEPER | Olympic / Paralympic Games Medalist