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22 Feb 2019

Make Way, Millennials. Here Comes Gen Z!

They’re 60 million strong—a cohort larger than the Boomers or Millennials. Shaped by the Great Recession. The first digital-first generation. And they’ve only begun to flex their muscles as consumers, employees and customers. Generation Z (born between 1996-2011) already represents up to $143 billion in buying power. They’re like no generation before and notably different from Millennials (born 1980-1995). From fashion to social consciousness to the workplace, this lineup of speakers captures a powerful new generation, speaking about—and to—Generation Z. 

Nadya Okamoto
Gen Z Social Entrepreneur & Branding Expert, Founder & Executive Director of PERIOD

Lindsay Peoples Wagner
Editor-in-Chief at Teen Vogue

Jennifer Walker & Adam Drawas
Co-Founders of Entertainment Marketing Agency Walker Drawas

Tom Koulopoulos
Futurist & Author, The Gen Z Effect

Jonah Stillman
Youngest Gen Z Expert, Co-Author, Gen Z @ Work

Justin Shaifer
Leading Voice on "How to Speak Gen Z"