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Overcoming Adversity

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Overcoming Adversity:

Steve  Pemberton
Steve Pemberton

Author & Chief HR Officer, Workhuman

Considered one of America’s most inspiring business and HR leaders, Steve Pemberton’s triumphant life story is about defying seemingly insurmountable beginnings as a child orphaned into foster care.

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Christina  Meredith
Christina Meredith

Abuse & Homelessness Survivor, Author of CinderGirl

Empowering others with her inspiring life story, Christina Meredith survived sexual, mental and emotional abuse, incest, trauma, aging out of foster care, poverty and homelessness to forge a life committed to helping others.

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Ray Ray  McElrathbey
Ray Ray McElrathbey

Subject of the Disney+ film Safety

The Disney+ film Safety shares Ray Ray’s story as a shining example of perseverance triumphing through repeated adversity and the message of family above everything.

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Philonise  Floyd
Philonise Floyd

Brother of George Floyd & Activist

On May 26, 2020, Floyd learned that his older brother, George “Perry” Floyd, Jr. had been murdered by four police officers in Minneapolis after a store clerk alleged that he passed a counterfeit $20 bill.

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