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Mental Health/Substance Use Disorders:

Patrick  Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy

Former US Representative, Rhode Island

Patrick Kennedy was a Representative from Rhode Island to the US House of Representatives. He now works as a mental health advocate and speaks about mental health, healthcare and many other related issues.

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Chris  Herren
Chris Herren

Former NBA Player / Addiction Recovery Advocate

A hometown basketball legend, Chris Herren realized his dream of playing for the Celtics only to lose it all to addiction. He shares his story in Basketball Junkie & the ESPN documentary Unguarded.

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Lou  Gossett Jr.
Lou Gossett Jr.

Award-Winning Actor & Activist

Oscar-winner Lou Gossett has reached the heights of success for roles in Roots and Officer and a Gentleman.  As Founder of the Eracism Foundation, he is dedicated to fighting racism, ignorance, and social apathy.

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Ryan  Leaf
Ryan Leaf

Former College & NFL Star QB

Widely known as a star college quarterback and #2 pick in the 1998 NFL draft, Ryan Leaf's career took unexpected turns. Today he is a staunch advocate for those struggling with mental health and addiction issues.

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Sean  Astin
Sean Astin

Actor & Filmmaker

Sean Astin is an actor and director known for his roles in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Goonies and Rudy. Son of actress Patty Duke, he is an advocate for mental health awareness, civic engagement and more.

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Lonise  Bias
Lonise Bias

Social Services Advocate, Community Activist

A vibrant community activist, Lonise Bias has turned the losses of her two sons (including basketball star Len Bias) into a calling to help remedy the social ills of today.

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Kathy  Cronkite
Kathy Cronkite

Mental Health Advocate

After battling depression for years, Kathy Cronkite now fights the stigma attached to mental illness by educating people about depression and on how to get help.

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Jamie  Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis

Award-Winning Actress & Best-Selling Author

Speaker Jamie Lee Curtis has demonstrated her versatility as an actress with roles in such films as Halloween. She is also the author of eight children's books.

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